Kivulini Storytellers, yeah, you are right; Under the shade storytellers. Under the shade, where people take a rest when they finish their jobs; under the shade, where community members gather for community dialogues; and, of course, under the shade, where we used to gather and listen to the tales from our grannies.

As emerging storytellers, we have gone through and understood every struggle a groundbreaking storyteller, whether a poet, visual artist, filmmaker, or even a contemporary dancer, must go through for his or her work to materialise. As a result, MEDEA Tanzania, a youth-led non-governmental organisation that utilises the power of art and a variety of multi-media content to advocate for girls’, women’s and youth’s rights, and partners; have developed a program that aims to establish a free space where young storytellers can come together and have an access to tools, information, and resources to support in the telling of human interest stories from a human rights viewpoint. We have classified the storytellers according to their niche and approach, and for this cohort we are focusing more on young filmmakers(producers, directors, cinematographers, scriptwriters, editors, production managers, set designers, e.t.c) between the age of 18-35 years.

The applicant should have produced or taken part in the production of at least one short or feature length film.

This call is open to young filmmakers between the ages of 18 and 35  who have Tanzanian citizenship or are currently residing in Tanzania.

Female filmmakers are strongly encouraged to apply.

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