Key Focus Areas

Gender Equality

Human rights include gender equality. Women have the right to a dignified existence free from poverty and fear. A requirement for advancing development and alleviating poverty is gender equality: Women who are empowered increase the prospects for the next generation while also improving the health and productivity of entire families and communities. MEDEA contributes to gender equality for all by working in the following areas:

Equal Access to Education

MEDEA Tanzania will keep up its tireless efforts to dismantle gender stereotypes that obstruct girls’ education by creating artistic works like films that detail the variety of obstacles standing in the way of girls’ education in Tanzania.

Equal Access to Social And Economic Opportunities

The economy of the nation is heavily influenced by women. Despite their potential, the majority of them nonetheless live in poverty. In a variety of development domains, we’ll work to improve conditions that are suitable and appropriate for girls, women, and youth to reach their full potential and achieve economic independence.

Equal Access to quality health services

MEDEA promotes equitable access to high-quality, hospitable health education and services, particularly for women and young people. To contribute to SRHR, we are collaborating with other health-focused youth and women-serving organizations.

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