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Emerging from the creative fusion of a filmmaker and a vocalist, Media for Development and Advocacy (MEDEA Tanzania) is a youth-driven non-governmental organisation; our core mission revolves around harnessing the potential of media, particularly art and films, to champion justice. Since our inception, MEDEA Tanzania has generated a plethora of artistic endeavours and media initiatives dedicated to advocating for the rights of girls, women, and youths in their diversity, emphasising their right to sexuality, education, expression and participation.

Aligned with our current Strategic Plan spanning 2023-2025, our exclusive focus is on bolstering the concept of an open civic realm. Within this scope, we zero in on the realms of freedom of expression and youth involvement, channelling efforts towards enhancing governance and accountability. Furthermore, we advocate for policy amendments and legal actions conducive to fostering gender justice and eradicating gender-based violence.

In keeping with our steadfast dedication, MEDEA Tanzania maintains its unwavering commitment to catering to the youth demographic, with a particular emphasis on empowering young girls and women hailing from marginalised communities.

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