Addressing Sextortion in the Tanzania Music Industry; Learn What MEDEA and Partners Did.

Thania Abdallah famously known by her stage name Thania Msomali is 33 years old and has been a taarab singer for 8 years. She is one of 15 female artists who recently attended the Female Artist Forum at Dar Es Salaam, organized under the Tuambie project. Thania has never felt able to talk openly about sextortion because she feared for her career. She was unsure of what to do when she arrived at the forum since her music producer wouldn’t give her the song she had recorded unless she slept with him. When she competed for airtime with one of the well-known radio music DJs a few days ago, she ran into the same issue; now she is dealing with two issues in her profession. She is despondent and has given up on life. She arrived at the forum before any other artist did, and she had a worn-out expression. Learn more about the success of Tuambie Project below:

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