Our Agendas

MEDEA Tanzania is working on three strategic agendas: Gender-based violence, where we strive to eliminate all forms of gender-based violence against young girls and women; Gender equality, where we collaborate closely with other community organizations to ensure that all women and young girls have equal access to social and economic opportunities to achieve their goals; and Civic Space, where we place an emphasis on the right to free speech and the participation of youth and young women in decision making bodies.

Our Focus Areas

Gender-based Violence

In Tanzania, 40% of all women aged 15-49 years have experienced physical violence, while 17% have experienced sexual violence. Of women aged 15-49, 44% have experienced either physical or sexual violence by an intimate partner. Spousal violence prevalence is highest in rural areas, averaging 52% while the prevalence in urban areas averages 45%. Almost 30% of girls experience sexual violence before the age of 18. MEDEA contributes to reduce gender-based violence in the following areas:

Gender Equality

Human rights include gender equality. Women have the right to a dignified existence free from poverty and fear. A requirement for advancing development and alleviating poverty is gender equality: Women who are empowered increase the prospects for the next generation while also improving the health and productivity of entire families and communities. MEDEA contributes to gender equality for all by working in the following areas:

Civic Space

Citizens should be able to express themselves freely, to organize in groups for a common purpose, and to gather together to make their voices heard: here we mean the freedoms of expression, association, and peaceful assembly. In light of that, MEDEA has seen the importance of putting an emphasis on addressing the importance of civic space and hence we are more focused on:

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