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Elias Maeda - Executive Director

If loving food and cooking was a person, that person could definitely be this man. In other words, you can simply call him the Jack of all foods. Funny huh..

There could be no MEDEA without this man; he is one of the co-founders and the engine behind MEDEA. Using the power of media and art is what drives him to contribute to bringing about positive changes in the community. He believes in equality, but most importantly, he believes in the power of youth to drive change.

Jackline Mgeni - Communication and Marketing Manager

As a MEDEA communication and marketing officer, I absolutely adore how every day, this experience pushes me to step outside of my comfort zone and come up with creative solutions to difficult tasks. Remember that MEDEA-Tanzania is a youth-led NGO, and its vision will keep you on your toes, but you’ve probably heard the saying, “A smooth sea never makes good sailors.”

Coleta Mpuya- Monitoring and Evaluation Officer

It’s an incredibly humble feeling to see our work serving a greater purpose of advocating for women’s, girls’, and youth rights through artistic means.

Emmanuela Kiluma - Finance Manager

Straight-forward and hardworking, but witty with a wicked sense of humor. To think that MEDEA was initially a simple idea of giving back to the community, and we have now evolved into the NGO we are. Every day, I am proud to be a part of this magnificent team and happy that I can use my skills and expertise to contribute to uplifting the girl child.

Hassan Kiyungi - Head Of Programs

My mom told me I was born in the Serengeti—no wonder I am a Leo; I love meat (except pork, LOL) and am a hodophile by nature. Every day I think of developing projects that will make us travel miles away—as Michael Jackson said, “That’s what’s so wonderful about traveling. I get to see all the cultures, people, and children. It’s wonderful”. It’s my greatest inspiration, I would say, and I can tell you: find exposure at any cost. MEDEA has been my home since we started, and I am proud to have been part of its journey from the beginning up until now. You call it an organization, but I call it a family—a family of storytellers—and I believe in the power of storytelling to drive positive transformation among the youth. It’s fun how we have made it so far, but I can’t tell you our story today.

Jaclyn Modise - MEDEA SA Representative

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