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One of the rapidly expanding youth-led organizations in Eastern and Southern Africa, Media for Development and Advocacy, has made it a priority to use art and media as a means of contributing to address social problems. Our approaches have always guaranteed us the greatest outcomes for our causes. We firmly believe that art and media have the ability to illuminate problems, tell human-interest tales, and mobilize a community. We are aware that, as young media aficionados and creatives, our work has a greater potential to affect people because it always reflects societal events. We believe it’s important to hear the struggles and stories of citizens, but we also think it’s important to educate citizens so they can participate in the change. Hence, we constantly prioritize putting citizens at the center of change; this is what we mean by “citizen-centric.” In simple language, you can define us as a content- and data- driven youth-led non-governmental organization that uses an intersection of art and a variety of multimedia content to advocate for girls’, women’s, and youths’ rights. 

Our Vision

We believe in unequivocal equality: before the law, in opportunity, and in the eyes of the community. We envision a world in which the principles of social justice are at the forefront and in which women, girls, and youth are free and actively bringing about change and progress.

Our Mission

To generate a movement of citizens, especially women and youth, who actively stand up for social justice and in turn influence individual and community behavior through media, art, storytelling, and community outreach.

Our Objectives

  • Citizens and their communities reject gender-based violence and oppression and instead embrace values around equality and equity.
  • Diverse and often marginalized voices are respected and welcomed.
  • A community of active young citizens is acting to intervene to prevent gender-based violence and discrimination in their lives and in the community.
  • Communities openly discuss gender and other factors of marginalization.
  • Like-minded individuals and communities engaged and interested in social justice are better connected and networked to influence wider change.

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