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Sauti Zetu Film Festival

We all know that the films are what make any film festival successful. We will focus on procuring films that not only meet our agendas but are also visually stunning and have compelling narratives. We will have a total of three feature-length films, which will cover the following categories, as this will be our inaugural edition and give us the chance to learn:

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Wazawa/The Natives (Local Films Category)

The purpose of this category is to include films by native Tanzanian filmmakers. The goal of having this category is to support the growth of the Tanzanian film industry while also giving local filmmakers the chance to interact with those working internationally and learn how they can advance their own work and promote the achievement of human rights.

The Community Baraza (The Civic Space Category)

This is where the entire discourse trajectory ends. The emphasis of this category will be on obtaining movies that promote debate around civic space and freedom of expression as fundamental human rights. The emphasis in the film selection will be on movies that show how powerful youngsters can be in amplifying their voices and ensuring that their opinions result in improvements in their communities.

Ajenda Yetu (The Gender Equality Category)

For years, we have been producing films addressing the challenges facing women. One thing for sure that we have learned so far is that filmmakers addressing the issues of gender equality face a number of obstacles that make their journey a little bit hard. We believe that by having such films on the list, we will not only spark conversation around the issue of equality but also encourage and provide recognition to filmmakers who have invested their talents, skills, and resources in addressing the issues that face and limit women in unleashing their full potential.

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