Meet Us

Sauti Zetu Film Festival Team

Elias Maeda

Festival Co-ordinator

I’m the ultimate film fanatic with a twist! I live, breathe, and dream about movies, but with a mission to rock the world of change. Join me in unleashing the power of films for real change.

Emmanuela Kiluma

Festival Director

Emmanuela is a dynamic individual with a strong passion for innovation and a commitment to excellence. Her exceptional skills and unwavering dedication make her a valuable asset in any endeavor she undertakes.

Selemani Mohamedi

Logistics, Technical and Operations Manager

I am the visionary Creative Designer with an artistry that knows no bounds, I seamlessly blends a passion for design with an unparalleled knack for managing complex logistics. that ensures every aspect of the Sauti Zetu film festival runs flawlessly.

Gertrude Sigonda

Assistant Coordinator and Content Acquisition Manager

I’m Gertrude Sigonda, but you can call me CG Sigonda – I’m a passionate filmmaker ready to bring an electric energy and captivating content to make the Sauti Zetu Film Festival an unforgettable experience

Hassan Kiyungi

Monitoring and Evaluation Manager

Hassan Kiyungi is a creative arts and media storytelling enthusiast, as well as a project management connoisseur. He strongly believes in using the power of storytelling to engage youth in sensitive conversations and as a tool for driving positive transformation in the community.

Gertrude Malizeni

Media, PR and Marketing Manager

Gertrude Malizeni is a Creative filmmaker & multidisciplinary visual artist devoted to telling stories as a means of documenting, archiving and preserving the lived histories of women.

Juma Saada

Mobilization Manager (Tanzania)

Hold onto your popcorn, folks! Brace yourselves for the truth about Nakupenda! It’s not just your average love story. Oh no, no, no! Here’s the inside scoop: I cooked up that gem with a heaping spoonful of love, all to celebrate my undying affection for the magic of filmmaking. Who knew, right ?

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