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Sauti Zetu Film Festival

The festival will be a hybrid of discursive and deliberative styles. It will be an event where the Discourse Steered and Deliberative approaches will coexist. With the dialogue-guided side, the focus would be on presenting films that inspire audience discussion. Following the screening, panel discussions will be held to allow viewers to express their thoughts on the subjects discussed in the film. The event’s deliberative portion will be planned specifically to appeal to an audience interested in human rights. The goal would be to persuade the target audience that human rights should serve as the normative foundation of the legal and political systems that govern society.

Numerous activities will be held in conjunction with the festival with the primary goal of advancing its fundamental goal. Depending on the theme, setting, and industry of the specific activity, these side events will cater to various audiences. The two primary ancillary activities that will occur during the festival are as follows:

Filmmakers workshop

The workshop’s main objective is to encourage filmmakers to integrate the concept of human rights into their works by, in other words, conveying stories of human interest from the viewpoint of human rights. Additionally, it will provide an avenue for filmmakers to learn how to collaborate with journalists, ensure that the issues they are confronting in their movies are current situations, and effectively use data to convey the scope of the issue they are addressing.

Art for Change exhibition and Performing Arts

An exhibition would be a different approach to using a different type of art to raise awareness of important human rights concerns—in a unique way that can spark debate among artists, the general public, and decision-makers. We will provide an exhibition space for human rights creative artists to display their work and interact with the audience in order to further support the use of various art forms to raise public awareness of issues relating to human rights. The majority of these works of art will be paintings that depict various human stories.
The Jagwa Music will also perform their traditionally crafted Mchiriku music. One of the most well-known local music groups, Jagwa Music, has become well-known for their upbeat, expertly orchestrated Mchiriku. We’ll use their music to magnify the concerns of the community and to energize the audience.

Female Filmmakers Masterclass

The Sauti Zetu Film Festival also aims to empower and provide a space for female filmmakers to shine. Here, we aim at specifically capacitating female filmmakers and linking them up with the most successful female filmmakers as inspiration. The female filmmakers will form groups and be resourced to produce their own works.


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